Review of 2016 Event

With nearly 250 people attending the unique EYE Film Museum location, the inaugural Legends4Legends event, organized by and for the benefit of Alternatives4Children (A4C), was a great success.

With an unrivalled line-up of top-tier hedge fund managers we tried to get behind the reasons for recent struggling hedge fund performance and to the answer the main question for the day:

“How to achieve returns in today’s environment without exposing yourself to the Great Unwind”

We got candid answers from some of the most established names in the industry and got away with an increased enthusiasm for the opportunity set at hand, that looks to be quite different than the buy&hold strategy of equities and bonds which has been the winning strategy for the last few years.

“It’s not the central banks that are stupid, it’s the investors that all put so much emphasis on their words.”

– Harold de Boer, Architect of Transtrend’s Diversified Trend Program

“The one real structural challenge I find to what we are doing, especially here in Europe, is the difficulty of finding real talent. With the barriers to start a hedge funds much higher, it’s much tougher to find talent that you’ve seen develop at other funds. I see no evidence that industry size, the growth of passive investing or instant information for everyone would limit the opportunity for hedge funds.”

– Stuart Roden, Chairman Lansdowne Partners

“We’re cautious on equity markets and turned net short, especially in Europe. Especially the upcoming referendum in Italy worries us as well as the complacent view of a Clinton win in November. A 30 percent correction in Europe wouldn’t surprise us as perceptions change. It will be a buying opportunity.”

– Rob Citrone, Founder & CIO Discovery Capital

“Hedge funds have to get their act together so they once again live up to the fees they charge. Those who can’t have no right to exist.”

– Andries Nieuwland, Senior partners Providence Capital

“Through Porsche, one can buy Volkswagen at a PE of 3, which is tremendous value no matter the costs of the emission scandal.”

– Phil Green, Partner TCI

“We have invested 20bln in hedge funds and are happy with the results that have been in line with expectations.”

– Erik van Houwelingen, Board member ABP

Other speakers included:

  • Stuart Roden, Chairman, Lansdowne Partners
  • Rob Citrone, Founder, Discovery Capital
  • Harold de Boer, Managing Director, Transtrend
  • Gerlof de Vrij, CIO/CEO, Blenheim Capital Management
  • Philip Green, Partner, The Children’s Investment Fund
  • Omar Kodmani, Senior Executive Office, EnTrustPermal
  • Graham Neilsen, Chief Investment Strategist, Cairn Capital 
  • Jeroen Tielman, CEO, Qstone Capital
  • Niels Oostenbrug, Business Development, Amundi
  • Erik van Houwelingen, Board member, Pensioenfonds ABP
  • Alex Roepers, Founder and CIO, Atlantic Investment Management
  • Jerome Lussan, CEO, Laven Partners
  • Khing Oei, CIO, Eyck Capital
  • Iwan Vink, Founder, WinCap
  • Barry Lau, CIO, Adamas Asset Management
  • Gennaro PucciFounder & CIO, PVE Capital
  • Sean Shepley, Head of Research, Glen Point Capital
  • Andries Nieuwland, Responsible for Fiduciary Management, Providence Capital
  • Willem de Vlugt, Managing Partner, EValuation Capital Management
  • Ashley Dodd-Noble, Portfolio Manager, London Diversified Fund Management 

In addition: representatives of leading allocators such as APG, Univest, Kempen, Multi-Fund, HB Capital, Providence Capital, ABN AMRO have already committed to attending.