Last year’s speakers included:

  • Stuart Roden, Chairman, Lansdowne Partners
  • Rob Citrone, Founder, Discovery Capital
  • Harold de Boer, Managing Director, Transtrend
  • Gerlof de Vrij, CIO/CEO, Blenheim Capital Management
  • Philip Green, Partner, The Children’s Investment Fund
  • Omar Kodmani, Senior Executive Office, EnTrustPermal
  • Graham Neilsen, Chief Investment Strategist, Cairn Capital 
  • Jeroen Tielman, CEO, Qstone Capital
  • Niels Oostenbrug, Business Development, Amundi
  • Erik van Houwelingen, Board member, Pensioenfonds ABP
  • Alex Roepers, Founder and CIO, Atlantic Investment Management
  • Jerome Lussan, CEO, Laven Partners
  • Khing Oei, CIO, Eyck Capital
  • Iwan Vink, Founder, WinCap
  • Barry Lau, CIO, Adamas Asset Management
  • Gennaro Pucci, Founder & CIO, PVE Capital
  • Sean Shepley, Head of Research, Glen Point Capital
  • Andries Nieuwland, Responsible for Fiduciary Management, Providence Capital
  • Willem de Vlugt, Managing Partner, EValuation Capital Management
  • Ashley Dodd-Noble, Portfolio Manager, London Diversified Fund Management 

In addition: representatives of leading allocators such as APG, Univest, Kempen, Multi-Fund, HB Capital, Providence Capital, ABN AMRO have already committed to attending.

We will be adding more names in the next few days….